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Traditional, vegan or halal: Fruitgums

Rote Früchte, Exotische Früchte und Bunte Blüten

We claim to belong to the best manufacturers of high quality fruitgums. You want to add some vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements? You want to turn your fruitgums into lifestyle food, sportsmen or sportswomen nutrition or sheer beauty, health and wellness products? We offer a broad range of gelling agents like gelatine, beef gelatine, pectine and starch.
We know how!
We can also deal with a broad range of different forms of sugar (syrup from rice or brown sugar f.e.) and sugar replacements.

Introduce your ideas, we are happy to turn it into fantastic products!
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Ginger Specials Ginger Confectionary, glazed ginger, chocolate coated in white, milk or dark, gingered fruitgums and syrup

Ingwer Kofekt, Ingwer Marzipan, Ingwer Sirup und Ingwer Sortiment

Ginger has become a worldwide used standard ingredient in the recent years.
Check out our sugared and sweetened ginger specials.
We can offer a broad range of ginger and gingered products.

<< If your ideas deal with ginger, get in touch! >>
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Traditional Confectionary Vintage Style

Hamburger Speck, Pfefferminzbruch, Gelee, Gelee-Bananen...

Traditionals that you can find on funfairs and amusement parks until today. If you need a partner for traditional candies and sweets, we might be worth a try.
They are good, so they remain for ever!

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More on products and packaging!

What does it mean: "vegan"?

Vegan products do not involve any part of an animal, dead or alive. So, no animals get killed or harmed in mass production environments. No milk, no eggs, no beeswax. No gelatine! This also covers all raw materials such as colours and flavors. All of them are natural and none of them can contain animal components or can be produced with help of such. Luehders produces vegan sweets since more than a century and we have sorted out all suppliers to make sure: We can produce first class vegan food.


Is "vegan" automatically halal or kosher?

No, it is not. Both have different requirements to the production process, the ingredients, the storage standards and the knowlegde standards. Get in touch if you have more questions!


What gelling agents are possible?

We can use gelatine, beef gelatine (halal certified if needed), starch and pectine.


What packagings do you offer?

Currently we offer foil bags from 50g to 1 Kg, Doypacks, tins with child-proof locks, stand up pouches, carton boxes, metal boxes, bottles and jam jars.


Can I get Spectrum Multivitamine Fruitgums and such stuff?

Sure! We do that for a broad range of national and international customers for many years now.


Do you have your production development in house?

Sure! We develop your recipes, your ideas, your favorite ingredients in house with our team of specialists.


Where is your production located?

We produce everything here in Stelle, close to Hamburg in Germany.


Where can I buy some of your brand products? Online in the FOODHALL, or on amazon.


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More on Ginger!

What is ginger and where does it come from?

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is a flowering plant whose rhizome, ginger root or ginger, is widely used as a spice and a folk medicine . Ginger is in the family Zingiberaceae, which also includes turmeric (Curcuma longa),[4] cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum), and galangal. Ginger originated in Maritime Southeast Asia and was likely domesticated first by the Austronesian peoples. It was transported with them throughout the Indo-Pacific during the Austronesian expansion (c. 5,000 BP), reaching as far as Hawaii. (source: Wiki) Besides that it has wonderful spicy taste that goes perfectly with sweetness!


Why is the ginger root in the supermarket so cheap, while ginger confectionary is of higher value?

Well, because it is indeed of higher value. Roots used for confectionary must be harvested very early (and young and thus small) to avoid to be fibrous. This way the quality is much higher and so is the price. It would be no joy to have confectionary made out of ginger in supermarket quality.


Is all ginger "vegan"?

Ginger as such is vegan for sure. But if we coat it with chocolate, then we use chocolates containg milk. In this case, the resulting product is vegetarian, but no vegan.


Since when does LÜHDERS deal with ginger?

Well, we have a very long tradition with ginger products. It must be around a century, but since we started so long ago, we cannot name the day. Ginger definetely belongs to our DNA.


Where can I buy some of your brand products? Online in the FOODHALL, or on amazon.


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here we go: Get in touch!

Johannes Lühders KG
Zum Reiherhorst 6
Germany- 21435 Stelle

+49 (0) 4174 59 29-0

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Long history... made short.

Founded in 1909 by Johannes Luehders (sen.) in Hamburg, our company has been serving up fruits and everything you could make out of it. Ginger and vegan products belonged to the first list of products. While "vegan" was not even commonly kwown back in the days, we just did it for nothing but the taste. No doubt, our vegan sweets have rich and fruity taste. Two more generations of the family succeeded to grow the business to an extend, where we had to leave downtown and now settled in the south of Hamburg in D-21435 Stelle.

We guarantee that you will fall in love with our delicious products.